Friday, June 8, 2018

June 7. Day 158. Hats off to these blokes

 Exam time has the ability to send us all slightly batshit crazy. It's pretty unforgiving. My solution when the weight of marking threatens to tip me over the edge is to go for a walk. Others have other methods of dealing with assessment-related stress. On our walk this afternoon, the dogs and I came across a group of engineering students at UQ. They were watching their mate Grant try to throw his cap and have it land on top of a high pole. Apparently he'd been trying for half an hour. He got close a number of times (to loud cheers) but never actually landed it.
Finally, another member of the group Charlie could stand it no more. He decided to take fate into his own hands. He climbed up on a wheelie bin beside the pole and had a few throws from there. It was dangerously unstable so he shimmied up the pole and carefully placed the cap on the pole. Job done. I told the boys that they were crazy. They pointed out I was the one taking photos.  I had no come back to that. As I said, exam season sends us all over the top.

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