Wednesday, June 20, 2018

June 20. Day 171. Orange is the new black

 Yesterday was something of a dark day where dark was the colour of the room.
Today started much of the same but around lunch time I felt as though I had, perhaps, turned a corner.
I made a decision. The dogs deserved a walk and a walk they would get - as soon as I'd had a nap just to make sure.
I decided that we would take it easy which around my place means driving to the walk. The downside of living in a suburb with the words high and hill in the name is that there are high hills. The dogs would totally have been up for it but my lungs perhaps not.
So we drove to South Bank and walked across the Goodwill Bridge to the Botanic Gardens. After the dogs gave their warm regards to the birds we walked back again. The timing was perfect in terms of catching the orange setting sky over South Bank. The weather gods really laid on the colour this afternoon. It was a pleasant change after too much self-imposed time in an isolation ward.

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