Sunday, June 3, 2018

June 3. Day 154. Plastic fantastic

Her first ever Tupperware Party. Will she cope?

I met Colleen today. She's successfully navigated her way through 46 years on this planet avoiding Tupperware parties. That's quite an achievement. I can't count how many I've been to. I know it's a lot. I've even hosted my fair share, more than my fair share if I'm honest.
To tell you the truth, I find the whole Tupperware thing curious. The product is quality and I love a party.
But let's be honest, Tupperware parties are not really the same as cocktail parties on the hierarchy of social engagements.
And how is it that party plan buying has survived when bricks and mortar selling is struggling?  Our hostess is a newbie so I asked her how she found herself in the job. She revealed she signed up at the Baby Expo. The new mum had discovered Tupperware through her won mother an found herself talking to the folks on the stand. It seemed like a good fit.
She also said she thought presenting would be good for her self confidence. She did a great job. Any my sister, who was the hostess, ensured the champagne flowed and the tummies were well fed. It may not have been a cocktail party but there were cocktails - mixed up in a Tupperware product of course.

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