Sunday, June 17, 2018

June 17. Day 168. The people that you meet

When we left last night's "Christmas" celebrations we signed off with a "see you soon". Little did we know how soon. This afternoon I went to South Bank to pick up Oliver. There was music playing on The Green. Like a Pied Piper it beckoned me and I followed. Oliver sat on the River Quays lawn while I took pics of performer Sharon Brooks. The next thing I knew he was being attacked - in a good way. The look on Oliver's face was priceless. There were old friends Megan, Bernie and Jacquie and new friend Tom enjoying the Sunday Session on the Green. They were dressed for the first proper winter's day of the season. We weren't so didn't stay long but this time I'm pretty sure I know when I'll see them next. It will be in a week's time for lunch celebrating Megan's 50th. I can't wait. Hopefully she won't take me by surprise.

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