Tuesday, June 19, 2018

June 19. Day 170. When you lie down with dogs

I started the day in bed and by 7.30pm had moved about 100 metres to the couch.My mother started the day in Venice and was in Florence by lunch.
I received an email from both locations, the second one saying "Mum says slow down". Message received. Even from the other side of the world mother knows best.
Yesterday I followed the health advice of a television commercial and soldiered on with the help of drugs. Today I took the advice of an actual medical professional and stayed in bed. Also, I didn't have the energy to move plus is was cold and I like to hibernate when it's cold.
I have bronchitis. Again. Should anyone need the sound of a cough for a movie or play about someone dying of a chest infection come on round. Bring ear plugs.
My family went out. I don't blame them. I would have closed the door and painted a big red cross on it as it slammed shut. That was the tradition in London during the times of the Black Death.
So it was just the dogs and I. They stayed close - Winkle, being Winkle, had a tendency to be a bit too close. She also stole my tissues regularly. I didn't have the energy to stop her.
I didn't find any literature that being licked by a dog would help bronchitis - but nor was there anything saying it would hurt either of us so Nurses Winkle and Rumple got to do what they do best - provide unconditional love in the most trying of circumstances.

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