Wednesday, June 13, 2018

June 13. Day 164. Talk of the Town

I love a good story. I love a good story teller. Also, I love a bit of theatrics. Who would have thought? So my interest was captivated when a little while back a friend told me about Talk of the Town. It's history (or as they put it Her-story), meets guided tour, meets drama. It's the vision of  Natalie Cowling who channels novelist Rosa Caroline Praed to lead tours through the city and inform about the life of the women who walked the streets before today. My friend and I vowed we must take a tour - she may have done so. I never put the plan into action. Today I was reminded of my failure to actually follow through when I saw a woman in distinctive period costume leading a group through the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. The group seemed to be hanging on Natalie or Rosa's every word. It was unmistakably the Talk of the Town. I asked, just to make sure. Mental note to self. Just do it

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