Monday, June 4, 2018

June 4. Day 155. Testing time

Me, reading from the consent form: "Are you pregnant?
Margaret, laughing: "No... not yet".
The wicked Margaret is back.  It started as an ear infection but probably as the result of the impact heavy-duty painkillers can have on the brain, Margaret has not been herself. She's been dazed and confused and not really in command of mind or body. Today she was sent for an MRI to rule out anything sinister or as she put it "to shake my brain and see if sawdust will fall out". I went to leave when they arrived to take her for the scan. She told me I could/should stay. "You can take photos," she said.
The wards person was very amused by all of this.
Apparently documenting "A day in the life of" doesn't happen that often. But then again you won't come across someone like Margaret very often.
It's so good to have the feisty old Margaret back.

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