Saturday, June 16, 2018

June 16. Day 167. Christmas is coming

 We inducted a new member into our exclusive club tonight. Welcome Tom. Three families gather each Christmas and again for Christmas in July ... well sort of.  Busy lives being busy lives means that not everyone is around all the time. So since Christmas in July is an invented thing we moved it to June. Tom, the new significant other of Jacquie accepted this without question. He didn't even seem that puzzled when even though each family owns a very decent house, the gathering was held at my mother's place. We were attracted by the fire place. He accepted the Santa outfits I dressed the dogs in. Only once did I see a small question mark in his eyes. That was when someone mentioned that our last Christmas gathering was in February.
Okay, "normally" we do the real Christmas according to the traditional calendar. Last year some people were out of the country. We were not going to let that defeat us. We postponed. It really is better late than never. So well done Tom. We'll welcome you next Christmas - whenever that is.

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