Sunday, June 10, 2018

June 10. Day 161. That's incredible

This story begins in the UK in 2004. That was when we saw The Incredibles with Oliver, then aged 6. It was such a joyous experience.  It's taken 14 years but now The Incredibles is back and today we got to see what the 2018 version looks like.
It looks and feels like the level of awesome one would expect from a Pixar movie 14 years in the making.
But more than that, it took me back. It took all of us back. It was really special to see how many teenagers and twenty somethings were lining up to see it. These are the kids whose now days whose superheroes are super-charged, super violent and the stars of big action blockbusters. But their inner child still has a soft soft for the Incredibles. It was all very sweet. 
And then I went to the Powerhouse via New Farm Park to meet friends. There were people with their own brands of superpower. These are human freaks if only because of the trust they put in others. It was incredible.

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