Thursday, June 28, 2018

June 28. Day 179. Nice night for a walk

There's always a lot of talk, especially after an attack, about how women should be aware of their surroundings and take adequate precautions.
On the surface that makes sense and is good advice. But a life led in fear is a life half lived as they say in the classics (where the classics are defined as Baz Luhrmann's Strictly Ballroom). Anyway, I I don't want to live in fear so while I probably shouldn't walk across New Farm Park at night but I do. I walk across Musgrave Park at night too. Tonight it was in the company of my son. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn't.
I actually like to walk at night. It's different from the day. And tonight showed part of the strange vagaries of night walking. In New Farm Park it was foggy and haunting. I expected the same would be true when I walked the short distance to the river. But it wasn't it was crisp and clear. It was, as they say in the classics a nice night for a walk... where the classics are now defined as The Terminator.

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