Tuesday, June 26, 2018

June 26. Day 177. Be very quiet. We're hunting ibis

 Ibis. If there were Most Wanted posters for avian criminals the Ibis would be right up there for its thieving prowess (apart from during Spring when the swooping magpie's attacking tendencies would push that species forward). They are pretty much despised around the CBD and South Bank. And yet I find them strangely attractive, provided I'm not eating.  There's an awkward beauty about them, and big personalities. Also, probably on account of their size and the ability to fly, they really take it right up to us humans. That couldn't give a toss attitude is rather appealing.  Today my little friends Elliott and Owen were chasing Ibis.  It was an extra fun game because the ibis knew they could let the boys get very, very close before taking off. I mean, you want to make it feel like a fair fight even if it totally isn't. Perception is everything. Just ask the Australian cricketers.

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