Tuesday, June 5, 2018

June 5. Day 156. Horror movie

Crows have a bad reputation. Depending on which culture you align yourself with they are associated with bad luck or even death. They make very regular appearances in horror films, at least so I'm told.
I like watching crows even though horror movies are not actually my thing.
There's enough to frighten me in real life without seeking it out in my recreation.
On the other hand I do love a great movie and excellent acting and there has been a lot of buzz around Hereditary. Also it stars Australia's own Toni Collette and we should support our own.
So I joined the crowd at the Brisbane preview screening of the movie dubbed setting a "new horror landmark".
On the plus side Collette proved to be a most convincing scream queen. Her performance was disturbing to say the least.
But as for the film? Rotten Tomatoes puts the film at 92% positive. I'm in the 8%.
It's not my thing, so perhaps I was never going to like it. But I didn't find myself covering my eyes and grinding my teeth as I expected. I just didn't feel moved. I'd rather watch the crows. I'm weird like that.

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