Thursday, June 21, 2018

June 21. Day 172. Barking mad

 The English language is barking mad. Seriously I'd hate to be an alien or a person learning English as second language. I was at the playground today with my little friend Elliott. He was selling me volcanoes and lava at the shop (cost three sticks and a leaf) and after that he started playing in the park. No matter how good the playground equipment park, dirt, sticks and leaves always hold a particular attraction. As he was making it rain bark, a dog just over the fence started to bark. So we started talking about bark and how the word can mean both the noise a dog makes and the stuff on a tree or processed to make ground cover. We laughed that the dog might actually be spitting out ground cover. Weird things words, especially when you get to the business of homophones. And then Elliott's mum and little brother Owen arrived. Owen doesn't have much in the way of actual words yet but is most proficient at getting his meaning across and today that was he wanted to do pretty much everything his big brother was up to, especially the bits involving bark and sticks.

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