Friday, June 29, 2018

June 29. Day 180. Water, water everywhere

 I may have told my mother a bit of a lie about my plans for today*. I said there were council works in my area which may mean no power and no water. Actually the works were taking place in my kitchen but I wanted this to be a surprise. I'm sure that must mean three Hail Mary's or something. Anyway, with no running water at home I had no choice but to go out and find running and water. The dogs and I found ourselves at Wellington Point meeting up with my friend Alison her boys, her parents and her brother. It is inconceivable that we consider a day like today as winter. The water was cold but try telling that to Elliott and Owen. They were making the most of their final days in Australia before heading home to Singapore on Monday for what will be an actual summer holiday. I don't need any excuse to go to the beach but if I did this would as good as any. Seeing kids romping in the water is good for the soul. Having a new kitchen to go home to is pretty bloody good too

*okay. It wasn't "true" but I'd prefer not to think of it as a lie

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