Saturday, June 23, 2018

June 23. Day 174. Food for thought

It was something like a scene from the 1990s Kan Tong commercials. The word had got around. Margaret was home. The fly-by mince distribution window was open for business. The birds were lining up for a feed. I'm not sure where the saying "bird brained"came from but these are smart little cookies. It took almost zero time from when Margaret arrived home for the first birds to fly in. I know kookaburras are carnivorous but I'm pretty sure the native diet of kookaburras is not Coles mince. Try telling Margaret that. She has never been swayed by that in the past and I doubt she's about to start now. Anyway, I reckon mince as about as similar to the "normal" kookaburra diet as Kan Tong is to authentic Asian cuisine.....

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