Friday, June 15, 2018

June 15. Day 166. How much is that doggy in the window

 There's this episode of the Brady Bunch (series one, episode 5 to be exact) where Jan apparently has an allergy to Tiger, the dog that belonged to Mike and the boys. The dog has to go. WHAT?! That is not a thing. Surely any self respecting man would have introduced the dog to the potential new wife and kids long before it came to this. The puppy seal of approval would be required before this group could form a family. The actual story is far sadder (and even more improbable). The dog playing Tiger escaped on set during the filming of this episode and was run over and killed.  A Tiger double was brought in but the dog had no training and its lead had to be nailed to the floor.
Fortunately I don't think you would get away with that today. Dogs are people and have rights, right? Stories of animal cruelty make me so sad and so mad. I just don't get how people can abandon a family pet. Circumstances change but the love of and for a dog does not. But it happens.
Today during my rounds, I passed an RSPCA pop up adoption centre at Bulimba. I looked at the dogs and my heart broke. Those dogs deserve a home. Those dogs deserve a life something like that enjoyed by Rumple and Winkle (not quite the same. Not every home needs to be quite as neurotic). Hopefully the pop up worked and right now those pooches are curled up on a bed or a lap somewhere. It's only right.

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