Wednesday, March 7, 2018

March 7 Day 66. Just a little prick

I refuse to get sick this year. Simply refuse. Yes, I am fully aware that refusal counts for nought but it's worth a try. Last year was one thing after another. Bronchitis, the flu and then hepatitis just to top off the year.
As a person who has taken up the employer-paid flu vax option for as many years as it has been offered, I am also aware that the jab in the arm is no guarantee. Still buying a Lotto ticket doesn't mean I'm going to win but I still do it and the odds of a flu shot working are far higher.
Being sick sucks. If a little jab in the arm can prevent that, bring it on.
But where was the sweetener? We always get a sweetener and this year no lollipop. That's really not playing fair

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