Tuesday, March 6, 2018

March 6. Day 65. Going with the flow

I've been watching this weird dome thing going up at South Bank for quite some time. It looked kind of cool. The sign said it was part of Flowstate, part of building a better South Bank. Either is wasn't there or I didn't read the fine print but what I didn't realise was that this is a new outdoor performing arts space. Better still, for the first few months everything is free. Not just yay but double yay. Tonight I saw my first show there Aura by Circa. It was an amazing display of the physical possibilities of the human body. Circus performers really are freaks in the best way possible. But it was also a display of the best know performing arts motto: "the show must go on". Although Flowstate is a really intriguing space it is not entirely water tight. Today it bucketed down. One end of the stage was dangerously soaked. That left two options. They could cancel the world premiere performance or re-block the show in the couple of hours before the crowds arrived. They went with plan B. I wouldn't have noticed had I not spoke to one of the performers afterwards. It appeared as though that was the way it was meant to be. All I can guess is that  In Flowstate everything must be fluid and everyone prepared to go with the flow.

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