Friday, March 23, 2018

March 23. Day 82. Waste not. Want not

Turtles. Or babies. Or baby turtles. What could possibly be cuter? Could anything be more interesting and engaging?
How about rubbish, lots and lots of rubbish?
By any "normal" test the babies and turtles would win. But journalists don't apply normal tests. They apply tests such as public interest and watchdog.
So when the organisers of the World Science Festival roll out a set piece with Professor Brian Greene, baby turtles and sick kids from the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital the journalists take a quick peek. And then that get back to the issue of the day. The Minister wants to talk turtles and science. The journalists want to talk waste management. She says "turtles". They say "waste". It's a game of cat and mouse. It's hard to say who won but the Minister seemed most pissed off which probably goes down as one to the fourth estate.

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