Friday, March 30, 2018

March 30. Day 89. A Good Friday

It was eerily deserted and quiet when the dogs and I hit the dog beach just after sunrise. The only thing seemingly present in any numbers were the birds and for reasons best known to them they were all huddled really closely together on two branches.
Fast forward a few hours to the same beach and the situation couldn't have been more different.
Now the tide was out, the clouds had gone, the carpark was full and people were everywhere. Across the Currumbin estuary from the dog beach we could see huge numbers of board riders gathering. Someone gave the signal and everyone paddled out slowly, in single file and with a great deal of purpose. From where we stood it was had to know exactly what the purpose was. I thought it was possibly a large circle. It may have been but according to Google it was The Good Friday Paddle Out and the form was most likely a cross. Not that most people or canines in my group seemed to care. The dogs  just wanted to run and swim and my niece and her boyfriend had eyes only for each other. Everyone was happy. A good Good Friday indeed.

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