Sunday, March 18, 2018

March 18. Day 77. Me and my big mouth

One of my Sunday outings of choice is a trip to the markets. I'm especially fond of the ones in the city Botanic Gardens. These markets once lived in the Riverside Centre and in their heyday were huge. But with the amount of glass and concrete they were unforgivably hot a lot of the time.  Times change and so did the location. They are now much smaller and to my mind much less impersonal. They are also under nice shady trees and close to the ponds. It's all very relaxed and pleasant. I know where to find the stalls I like. Today it was beads I was after. I've got to know the bloke who runs that stall well. He used to live in Highgate Hill. He remembers I work at the uni from the time I walked down during a break at QUT Open Day wearing my very unfashionable QUT shirt. Today we hasn't there. He once told me her didn't make the trip from the Sunshine Coast if the weather was bad. Today was bright blue. By my reckoning that meant he had no excuse.
So I went and asked the market management and asked if they knew when he would be back.
They said it really depended on how his wife's cancer treatment was going.
 Well that certainly put my desire for beads into perspective....

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