Saturday, March 24, 2018

March 24. Day 83. Close Encounter

It must be bloody hard work being a publicist. You can do everything right and have nothing to show for it in the end.
Such was today. The World Science Festival team had organised a very special preview and interview opportunity. Tonight, in the Concert Hall at QPAC, a world premiere was to be held. For the first time every the Film Close Encounters of the Third Kind would be screened with a full orchestra and choir playing the score. We knew that. It is was in the program. But what we didn't know was that 8 minutes of music removed from the original movie would be played for the first time. It was quite a coup and a media call was set for 1.30pm. Meet the creative team. Sit in or the rehearsal. All the media stations signed up. But then the bubble burst. Two bodies were washed up on Bribie beach. All the media disappeared. Only the dedicated QUT news team survived. That's great for our journalists but not so wonderful for the event promotors. That was my highlight for the day although following the students around with a crew was pretty good fun too. I made them jump in slime, hold snails and interview a stilt walking bubble blower who confesses she can't even walk in high heels. Who'd want to go chasing dead bodies? As a person who worked as a journalist on Bribie Island for five years, I refuse to answer that question.

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