Thursday, March 1, 2018

March 1. Day 60. Opening night

There are many, many things about the theatre I love not least of which it doesn't lie. It may not always be good. It may literally use smoke and mirrors, lighting and make up and other tricks of the trade to create an illusion. But at the end of the day it is face-to-face unedited human interaction. We are drawn honestly into someone else's world. Tonight was opening night of Queensland Theatre's The 39 Steps. It's a play I've seen before but this was a masterful version drawing you in to a boys' own adventure of good triumphing over evil, all in one take.  I say this because the other story I've been drawn into is My Kitchen Rules. Technically this is a show without actors or  a script just real people cooking up real food. But it is every bit as much a story of heroes and villains, good guys and bad cast and edited to create a drama way beyond the rise and fall of any souffle.  This is supposedly reality TV. Hello, that's more farcical than The 39 Steps with no where near the great comic timing. I watch it anyway. I don't mind being taken for a ride. But I do object the the promotions and selective editing promising drama but not delivering it. The episode I caught up on tonight after the theatre was supposed to have high conflict but we got a little squabble. The theatre treats its audience with far more respect, genuinely trying to deliver on its promises. When it does - as it did tonight - it sings. That's a reality TV can't deliver.

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