Monday, March 5, 2018

March 5. Day 64. Dress sense

I have many rules I try to live by most of which I break on a regular basis.
There is one, however, that I consider an absolute. An appropriate level of dress must be maintained when attending the theatre.
I have argued the toss with people on this point many a time.
Those who (wrongly) reject my position maintain
1. You've paid for the seat, what you wear while sitting in it is surely no-one's business but your own
2. As if the artists are going to know or care
3. Surely comfort is important
Follow that "logic" and we should all walk around in tracky daks or lycra all day every day. Hell, why get dressed at all? My jarmies are super comfortable.
Come on people. Where is your sense of occasion? Dress up and you rise to meet it. Those people on stage are giving their heart and soul. Is it too much to expect you to lace your shoes?

 Fortunately, our young folk are being well trained. When my boy was at school, a strict dress code was demanded for theatre trips. For some in the class this may have been a new discovery. Not Oliver. The then Drama Teen had owned a wardrobe full of suits for the theatre since he was in the early primary school years.
I see this is an established tradition for school groups. My niece Amelia was around this afternoon killing time between school finishing and the theatre curtains opening.
It also gave her time to transform from school girl into audience member.
Dress well, the school had insisted and so she had. She looked adorable, winning the hard earned tick of approval of Susan the Snob. A round of applause please.

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