Friday, March 16, 2018

March 16. Day 75. Randy the Rooster

If Randall the Rooseter's plan when crossing the road was to get to the other side, things didn't go well.
He was struck by a truck and dragged along on the road.
Fortunately for Randall, the occupants in the car following saw what happened and picked Randy up. He was delivered to St Vincent's Vet and into the caring hands of vet extraordinaire and my friend Dr Megan. For the past four weeks Randy the Rooster has been undergoing rehabilitation, first at the surgery and then at home with the rest of the  family pets. But suburban back yards are no place for roosters - council regulations say so. Randy the rooster needed a forever farm. Megan went searching and in Beaudesert found a mum with a couple of kids and a couple of chickens prepared to take a rooster. So we agreed to go for a drive.  I gave the mission a hashtag. #RandyTheRehabilitatedRooster'sRoadTrip. I also decided Nicole Kidnam could play me when they made the road trip movie. After Randy was handed over to his new forever home we headed off to lunch at the winery just down the road.  Albert River Wines is a fine place to go for lunch even if you don't happen to have a rooster to drop off just down the road. And because it was me that wasn't the end of the day's excitement. I rounded out the Friday with a Fame concert. This was my 16th annual Opening Clubs. Bid day. Awesome outcome - especially for Randy.

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