Tuesday, March 13, 2018

March 13. Day 72. We interrupt this presentation ....

 It happens a few times a year. A student I don't recognises approaches me just before the start of a lecture. He or she requests the opportunity to make a short address before we get underway. The subject falls into one of two categories. It will be about a big rally coming up to protest education cuts or it will be a short campaign speech seeking votes in the student elections. I always agree. It pleases me that student politics isn't dead although signs of life are often difficult to detect. Today's announcement was on behalf of the National Union of Students promoting a rally in King George Square next Wednesday. It is weird how little the issues have changed in the 20 years I've been doing this job. The rhetoric is almost identical.
Whether or not I managed to stop in on King George Square next week remains to be seen. But I did make it tonight. It's Brisbane Comedy Festival and it would be extremely remiss of me if I didn't make at least one event. I laughed and laughed at Celia Pacquola. She started with as many F bombs as our student protest leader - perhaps more. But then the language gave way to some really, really funny insights about her life. I enjoyed it immensely. And in a week like this a good laugh is what we all need.

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