Saturday, March 17, 2018

March 17. Day 76. Dog Day Afternoon

The only thing worse than self diagnosis, is booking a consultation with Dr Google. Today, I decided I had chronic fatigue syndrome. A person should not feel this tired, this often, I reasoned. I started consulting Dr Google but it made me tired so I went back to bed. It was about noon. I'd been awake an hour. I was awoken just before 4pm by Rumple standing over me and barking. I suspect he thought I'd died or something. He may have just wanted to get out of the house. It seemed like the sensible thing for us all to do. We went to the dog park. My dogs are pretty useless as dog parks. They seem to think that the parks exist as speed dating opportunities to audition new owners or something. In any event, they find a human with no dog hanging off them - usually because the dog is off doing that the dog park is designed for - and they go up for a smooch. Because if there's one thing my dogs lack in life it's affection - not. They played chase for about 20 seconds and then went off to find a human each to get a cuddle from. If I asked Dr Google, i could probably find a name for this sort of thing. But that would take energy and I have none...

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