Monday, March 26, 2018

March 26. Day 85. Eyes on the skies

 Yay me. We now have solar panels on the roof. I am hoping this will protect my heart from the quarterly electrical bill shock. It's hideous. People say you've missed the solar boat. The rewards for return to the grid and rebates mean the glory days of solar installation are gone. Those people are not getting panels to offset hideously high power bills or to save the environment or both. It took only a couple of hours and we were done. Any longer and I think the dogs might have expired. The noise on the roof was driving them nuts. I then went to work. The noise from about was still deafening. This time the noisy miners attacking the kookaburras and the kookaburras retaliating. At least I knew someone was alive which is not always the case when you actually get into the lecture theatre ....

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