Saturday, March 3, 2018

March 3. Day 62. Theatre of the mind

Radio. How quaint and old fashioned.
I mean, just voice. No virtual reality, no augmented reality, no CGI, no multimedia.
Except it isn't.
The mind fills those gaps. Radio is in a golden age.
It's a new golden age, reborn in podcasts but living on strongly in the wireless as it always has.
Radio rocks.
This is why I always look forward to Nash Theatre's annual radio play.
This year I was doubly looking forward to it because we were presented with two plays not one. First up Sorry Wrong Number followed by Hollywood Boulevard . What an awesome pairing.
It's theatre but not as we know it. No fancy props, no fancy sets, no gimmicks unless you count the sound effects man in the corner creating the atmosphere. Your mind and the actors' voices do the rest. You can hear the review here. Then go ahead and book tickets.

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