Wednesday, March 21, 2018

March 21. Day 80. Explosive fun

If I was to choose a government minister to blow up, it wouldn't be Leeanne Enoch.
As a supporter of the arts, I throw my backing behind the Arts Minister.
Also she's the big sister of Wesley Enoch a playwright and former Queensland Theatre Company artistic director. That puts her in my good books.
That's not to say that I can't enjoy a joke at her expense.
Ms Enoch today launched the third annual World Science Festival in Brisbane.
Science Steve was on hand with his version of explosive fun. As instructed, Ms Enoch - who also happens to be the Science Minister - held a beaker. Science Steve set to work. The look on the Minister's face was priceless.
It was all in good fun and a great way to launch the festival.
For the rest of the week and all weekend I'll be at the festival with a group of journalism students.
If the past two years are anything to go by it will be rewarding and exhausting in equal measure. Watch this space.

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