Wednesday, March 28, 2018

March 28. Day 87. Day of the dragon

Dragons are fierce. All the scale and fire breathing business. Dragonflies are predators in the insect world but to humans they represent zero threat. They have all of the beauty and none of the bad breath. They are a bit toothless tiger really. I was checking out the dragon flies in the city Botanic gardens today just after chatting to another "toothless tiger". The Press Council was holding an adjudication session in Brisbane today at QUT's Garden Points Campus. As a result, we were invited to go and have a chat over lunch. One of the accusations levelled against the council is that the only "punishment" it can hand out to media who behave badly is the demand of a written apology. It might seem a little weak but as the council members point out the fight the media organisations put up to clear their names suggests there is bite in the sanctions. No-one want to admit in writing they got it wrong. I find it all very interesting. The thing about ethics is that it is never black and white. It really can be a case of two sides to every story and speaking to the council members showed just how difficult some of the adjudications can be.
It made me think I should apply for a position next time a vacancy comes up.
It sounds like a challenge but hugely interesting and fun in its own way. In short, it sounds like my cup of tea.

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