Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March 20. Day 79. A little bit of drama in my life

If anything, there's too much Drama in my life. I live with an the individual now known as Drama Being, a QUT Fine Arts Drama student. My office is less than 100 metres from the building that houses both the acting and drama students and is about the same distance from La Boite Theatre. In addition QACI, the performing arts high school is a very short distance down the hill. This means I barely raise an eyebrow when I hear something that sounds like a monologue or looks like a costume. If I witnessed a fight, I wouldn't know whether to call the police of applaud. So it came as not much of a surprise when I saw a group of students in costume standing on a street corner performing something. Another day. Another show. It was a real traffic stopper, mainly because it was right at a busy set of lights.
I love the confidence of these young people in taking their art to the street. I arrived late so I have no idea what the point of the performance was but I give them 10 out of 10 for effort and costuming. I'm sure those with a little less drama in their lives would have been more impressed by the shock value.

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