Saturday, June 7, 2014

June 7. Day 158. Riding high

They say the apple never falls far from the tree. Perhaps this is so but I sometimes wonder whether my little apple blossom came not only from a different tree but perhaps from an entirely different orchard. It makes no sense to me that I was gifted an offspring with such an obsession for the stage (and for turning every waking moment into a drama as it happens.
 I know there are times when most parents question what block their little chip actually comes from just as most kids at some time think they must have been adopted because the people they call Mum and Dad couldn't possibly have the same DNA pool.Which brings me to nine-year-old Louis who was owning the skate bowl this afternoon. He'd line up with boys twice his age and give them all a run for their money.
There were, of course, the inevitable falls but Louis would just pick himself up, dust himself off and get back on the board to give it another go.
His dad was sitting on a fold up chair by the top of the bowl cheering Louis on. He told me Louis had been skating for three years. I presumed Dad most have been a skater boy in his youth but he set me straight. Nope, he said, no balance and coordination here. He's on his own. But he said young boys needed to let off steam in some way or another and if skating was Louis's thing he was happy to go along with that.
Yep, the stage might be a bit different but there is a young performer there just the same.


  1. Great action photos and very impressive moves from 9 year old Louis and wise words from his Dad - we are unique after all with traits of parentage too! Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. Whoa! Major coolness! He is so awesome in there! #CountryKids