Friday, June 27, 2014

June 27. Day 178. Climb every mountain

Some of my best ever ideas have come over dinner with the girls. (It is also true some of my worst ideas have come from the same source "No let's not have a glass of dessert wine. It's much better value by the bottle").  But whether it is the great company, the relaxed atmosphere or that dessert wine awesome plans are hatched over those dinners. It was one one such dinner that I decided to celebrate my 40th birthday by trekking Cradle Mountain in Tasmania and almost five years later it was at another that the girls told me to stop talking about it and just do it. The following day we booked and started training. So this week there was another dinner gathering and talk turned to milestone birthdays and treks. And this morning I was at the top of Mount Cooth-tha at dawn and scaling the mountain with my trekking buddy and my fur friend soon after. Tomorrow I will almost certainly pay (pretty much in the same way as the dessert wine) but it will be totally worth it.

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