Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 3. Day 154. In a big flap

My community is is a grip of a very bad outbreak of assessment stress. I have a double dose being infected on both the work and domestic front. The work stress I can deal with. I am used to it and I plan for it and have more or less learned not to spread myself too thin. The home stuff is far more acute. Year 11 has certain people in a flap. There is also a quite pronounced ripple effect - when one person has it the aftershocks spread to the whole house and soon everyone feels like they are being engulfed in a sea of awful. While it is not a condition I would wish on anyone, I admit it is vaguely comforting to know that there are other households in the same boat.This afternoon I spoke to a friend with a daughter in Year 11. They are also trying to navigate their way through the stormy sea of assessment overload. As far as I can tell the only safe ways through are to batten down the hatches and eat chocolate or flee as fast as one's little (or in this case big fat) legs will carry you. I've been doing a lot of option one but this afternoon adopted the second option and I must admit the fur friend and I rather enjoyed our time at South Bank where the waters were far calmer even if the wildlife was still in a bit of a flap. But then we had to return to the nest and try the best we could not to ruffle any feathers.

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