Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2. Day 153. An Ace up my sleeve

If you want to know the naked truth, I don't like Mondays very much. But this particular Monday I had an ace up my sleeve - a diary entry that read "Naked Magicians". Yep, I'm shallow but the concept of buff men in their birthday suits pulling rabbits from goodness knows where rather tickles my fancy. Over the course of my lifetime, it would be fair to say I've seen far more than my fair share of live performance. But apart from the occasional flash of nude bits in shows such as Shirley Valentine almost all of the performers I choose to watch keep their kit on. I know. How very conservative of me. Even though generally I get a kick out of good costuming these boys do all right without it just quietly. Their motto is "Good magicians don’t need sleeves, great magicians don’t need pants". Some may debate this but I reckon we could all do with both a little more magic in our lives - and a good laugh.

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