Friday, June 6, 2014

June 6. Day 157. If you can't stand the heat ...

Only once has my kitchen actually caught fire - and I wasn't even at home at the time. But still I have something of an aversion to smoke killed kitchens. What's more I'm not entirely convinced that anything that requires overalls, safety glasses and huge cylinders of gas to create is fit for human consumption. And yet when the menu is all about ice cream and the flavour palette includes rocky chocky road, salty caramel popcorn and lemon meringue pie, well I was prepared to give it a go. If nothing else seeing one's ice cream snap frozen on the spot at least gives you the confidence that it's fresh. Bloody good it was too - but I do have one complaint - ordering envy. Don't you just hate it when your order arrives and you know someone else has made a wiser, more considered selection? My Turkish Delight cone was good. My husband's honey and fig cup was better (I may or may not have snuck a lick when I was collecting the orders) So not fair. In fact I scream (ice cream ... get it?)

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