Friday, June 13, 2014

June 13. Day 164. Reflections

I spent a great deal of the mid 70s with permanently bruised wrists thanks to Click Clacks. Remember them? The supposedly fun toy with two hard balls on the end of one piece of string. The idea was to have the balls hit at the top and the bottom but in my uncoordinated case it often meant one or other ball crashing at high velocity into my wrist. (The early 70s it was permanently scabbed knees from coming off my scooter at the bottom of the steep concrete drive way). Anyway I got to reflecting on the crazy toys of my childhood today while watching the ibis in the drained South Bank pools. In the shallows left while the main pool is drained for annual maintenance the ibis dipping looked for all money like one of those magic dipping birds. Everyone had one of those. I also remember my Spirograph, Slinkies and  with great fondness. And that was was decade were everything was Holly Hobbie. How sweet. I'm sure the kids of today would totally trade their iPad for any one of those (not). But then again, I wouldn't trade my smart phone for anything either even though I'm sure using it to play Candy Crush for hours is about as good for my wrist as those Click Clacks. Still it doesn't hurt to stop and reflect every now and again.

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