Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 25. Day 176. No filter

Whoever coined the phrase The Camera Never Lies is at best very naive and at worst a big fat fibber. Of course the camera lies. With careful framing and the selective use of lenses the "truth" can be distorted beyond belief. I tell myself this every time I see an unflattering photo of myself - cameras add kilos don't they? Then of course filters, apps and my friend Photoshop allow photos to tell any story you like. But some times with no filter and no trick photography, a picture can really tell 1000 words but none of them really catch the majesty of the scene. So it was with the colours of dawn against a cloudy sky at South Bank this morning. The sky gods had employed the giant colouring pencil box this morning. There is no way a mere mortal could accurately describe it even if one was to draw on all of the names on a giant paint shop colour chart. So this morning I will let the camera do the talking - you will have to take my word for it there were no tricks

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