Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 18. Day 169. The early bird

There's this bloke who works at my local NiteOwl who seems like a very nice fellow except for one thing. He likes cats and has no time for dogs. Dogs, he told me, are too needy as though any sensible person would see that as a bad trait. I find a couple of obvious faults with his "logic". For one, not all dogs are needy and two those of us with needy breeds almost certainly like it that way, in fact we probably created the neediest of our needy little fur friend. Rumple is probably the neediest of needy dogs.  He needs his humans, he worships us (especially me) and rarely leave my side. Truth is, I love this. I find it most endearing.
So this morning when I woke and he was asleep on my pillow one paw across my face my heart melted as it does most mornings. Sure, this probably has many recoiling in horror at the lack of hygiene involved in this situation but the only problem is posed for me was that on Wednesdays I have to spring out of bed early and leave the furry one behind. In addition it was still dark AND only 10 degrees. But I braced myself and did what had to be done. And there were pay offs. I'd finished at the ABC studios before 7am when the morning light is still perfect for photography. I love the sun on the lorikeet having a feeding frenzy at South Bank. It may not be as warm as a dog on your head but those birds are like little rays of sunshine just the same. In fact, they are definitely worth getting out of bed for.

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