Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 22. Day 173. It's a shore thing

 Phillip, 11, and Clara, 9, admire their consturction

There are a few sure fire ways to make for a super Sunday. Any of the following will do it:
The beach
Chasing the dog
Eating fish and chips
Browsing works of art.
When I heard about the Carte Blanche’s Between The Tides event at Deception Bay today I just had to grab the available members of the family and get along.
The concept was simple. Use the large foreshore at low tide as a gallery for temporary public art works.
Add art stations for the kids and right there you have all you need for a great day out. It may be fleeting but seeing the art in the tidal pools against the sky was better than any gallery in my opinion. And now it is gone - until next year.


  1. These are lovely summer photos! Love the one with the kids and your dog :) #countrykids.

  2. How creative and fun for anyone to join in with, Beach art - a great way to spend a Saturday. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. Stunning photos - what a beautiful blue sky in the background too! #countrykids

  4. Love the concept of temporary art. Beachs always seem the best place to display them. Not sure what I'd choose to create if it was me. Look like interesting exhibits. #CountryKids

  5. Wow what stunning pictures and amazing art work, they all look beautiful flapping in the wind. Gorgeous #countrykids

  6. They're gorgeous. So simple and cheap, but so effective in the wind against the sea. I love the photo of the kids with their construction :)

  7. The photos are great, what a great idea and your dog is soooo cute x

  8. These photos are stunning. What a lovely day out x