Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 28. Day 179. Sat-all-Day

 Saturday. The reward we get for working hard all week. The Saturday papers in bed, brunch, perhaps a movie curled up on the couch in the afternoon followed by an evening partying. Well, I'm sure someone, somewhere did that. Someone who didn't care about the washing, cleaning, family feeding etc that certainly doesn't stop because the calendar says it's not a "work day". Actually it could have been me but only if I had a time machine and went back to a previous version of me I would barely recognise. That me would be astounded at what now constitutes the high points of a really good Saturday.
There was a walk to the vet to take the Fur Friend for a hyrobath.  Another walk down to South Bank later for the Harvest exhibition where I shared a shared a cheese and dessert platter and enjoyed browsing the Gallery of Modern Art exhibit with my friend Christy before walking back through the Out of the Box Festival and home through Musgrave Park. The night time entertainment was a Cabaret where my Drama Teen was performing a solo with male backing singers and a band. Fittingly enough he was singing Runaround Sue. That about sums it up. And to think once it was Sat-All-Day Saturday.


  1. Well done to your son , a proud mum moment ! Your dog licking its nose made me smile - he reminds me of Hairy Maclarey from Donaldsons Dairy (a children's book character!) x

  2. shame their was no video footage of the singing, but a very proud mummy moment, well done to your son. Saturday is one of my 11 hr shift days so no sitting here either. Love the licking the nose as the water runs down

  3. What gorgeous photos!!! LOVING the umbrellas shot. Fabulous. x

  4. Clever and confident boy singing that song, how wonderful was he? I adore that floating umbrellas photo, so colourful against the blue sky.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 and sorry for the delay in commenting.