Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 15. Day 166. Sick little puppy

It's a tough gig parenting and one of the most physically distasteful bits is dealing with the bodily fluids and functions of one's little person. That's a pretty big downside of pet ownership too. I pondered that today when I was on poo pick-up duty at the park. Oh yes, there is something most unglamorous about bagging dog shit, there really is. But that wasn't the end of it. Just after we returned home Rumple vomited, a large projectile number all over the dining room floor. Naturally at that moment all the other humans in the house were strangely absent so Nurse Susan had to spring in to action. But here's the thing. With fur babies just like the human offspring you may really hate mopping up poos and spews but that's not the really hard bit. The really hard bit is how your heart hurts when your baby is ill and you just want to kiss it and make it better. Fortunately in this instance whatever it was that was making Rumple feel ill was clearly discharged in that mess on the floor. He was back to is normal self within moments

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