Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 29. Day 180. Feeling very Catty

In the early days of parenting, so many things about this new gig are liable to take you by surprise and/or shock. But after a while you start to think that while there are many hurdles probably nothing will surprise you any more. Once again this week has proven me wrong. Take the conversation with the woman at the Dance Wear store where I asked exactly what a 16-year-old male would wear under a silver unitard which frankly delivered waaayyy too much information (The answer was an athletic support and white bike pants in case you were wondering). And then there was the conversation in the art store about the types of paints best used to decorate said unitard. Warnings from another mother of a "kitten" in Harvest Rain's mega Cats spectacular that her decorating task had taken eight hours had me terrified so I called in the big guns. What is the use of a niece who is a student at the Queensland College of Art if you can't call in a favour? So this afternoon while I trimmed the arms and cut finger holes,  made a cat's tail and wig cap and stitched on fur legs and arms, Scarlett set to work on styling the wig and spray painting her cousin. What a totally awesome job she did too (I secretly suspect she liked bagging her cousin's head in a T Shirt for a bit while she worked). There's not much left of the silver of the unitard or orange of the wig which is not at all a bad thing. In fact I'm prepared to say it's the Cats Pyjamas

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