Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 21. Day 172. And pretty maids all in a row

This is what freedom looks like. Crazy young girls ignoring the fact that  today is the winter equinox and frolicking on the beach at South Bank. I don't frolic these days. That's the business of the young but I had a great sense of freedom just the same. Finally after days of avoidance, the pile of marking is no more. I have slayed the dragon and the sense of relief is palpable. But this is the ridiculous thing. I know this will happen. I know that when the marking is done I know how liberating it will be and yet procrastination always happens before marking. The  thing is that the time spent not marking is not free time, not while the marking still exists. There's this little Jiminy Cricket on my shoulder always reminding me that it is there as much as I might like to pretend otherwise. But still I pretend rather than actually doing anything. I rather think that these girls will realise the water is really cold in June long before I realise marking avoidance is a fruitless tactic.

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