Friday, June 13, 2014

June 12. Day 163. Day dreaming

There's this test called the mini mental.  It's a series of simple questions such as "what day of the week is it?", "who's the prime minister", "where are we now?" and "count back from 100 in sevens". Medical practitioners use it to test for dementia and by repeating it can tell how the disease is progressing. Given that my father died of Alzheimer's Disease at age 62 there's a fair chance I'll be subjected to a few of these tests in my time. I can only hope they don't start in a week with a public holiday. Quite frankly I haven't had a clue what day it is all week. That Monday holiday thing really throws a girl. As I'm not teaching at the moment and Drama Teen is in "exam block" and not adhering to the normal school timetable only serves to completely throw me. That and the fact that I'd generally prefer to forget who our Prime Minister is might be seen as a definite sign of mental impairment. The thing is the Fur Friends in my life are much better at knowing what day it is than I am. I have not run any scientific study on it but I'm pretty sure Rumple can interpret small visual clues and know what's on the day's agenda. Wednesdays I get up particularly early and get dressed in proper clothes as soon as my feet touch the floor. Every other day as soon as I move he's behind me a fact which has earned him the nickname Shadow. Not Wednesdays. He seems to know that's the day I go straight to the ABC studios without him so he doesn't even bother to lift his head from the pillow. He goes back to sleep. Thursday Drama Teen goes to performance class at Albion and to fill in time during the lesson I always visit my Mum's and that means playing with cousin The Fed in the park. Both dogs seem to know this. Rumple can barely sit still in the car and Fed is up looking out the window waiting for us to arrive. Someone should devise a mini mental for dogs. I'm telling you, they are far more intelligent than we give them credit for. They are also cuter, and better at catching balls and ....

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