Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 26. Day 177. Mad dogs and Englishmen

 Because I am married to an Englishman I feel I am allowed to state an opinion on this.
The English are climate deniers (not in the global warming sense but in the sense of denying what the climate really is like and how to behave appropriately).
Today was a very pleasant Brisbane winter's day but not a shorts and T Shirt sort of day and certainly not a strip-down-to-your-swimmers-in-the-very-late-afternoon-and-bury-yourself-in-the-cold-sand sort of day. But try telling that to English tourists Matt, Ash and Jenny who were enjoying one of Brisbane's best tourist spots today. Seriously. Englishmen are, well, unique. Having said that there was something quite universal in their sand sculpture - boobs. Let's be frank. Boys will be boys the world over and that will very often involve boobs. Of course it would be fair to confess there is a big dose of pot calling the kettle black on this count given that tonight I am heading out to see the Naked Magicians. Yep a bit of nude magic with buff young men doing goodness knows what with their magic wands. At least I will be dressed appropriately. The magicians not so much.

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