Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24. Day 175. A dog's life

Please do not mention this to Rumple. Until this morning I always considered by pooch to be the most pampered anywhere in the whole world. But my belief was cruelly shattered at South Bank. My puppy pal loves our walks around South Bank by which I mean Rumple loves being carried around South Bank his head resting on my shoulder surveying the world. People stop and stare and talk to him and he laps it all up. He is declared a very spoiled boy. But Mimi, a King Charles Spaniel/poodle cross, has one up on us. Mimi has an ultimate pet stroller and apparently refuses to leave the house on foot. Not only that her little cuddle/chew toy coming along to keep her company. At least Rumple pretends that taking the dog for a walk involves the dog walking some of the way. As they say "it's a dog's life"

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