Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23. Day 174. Let them eat cake

Cake. A chocolate cup cake with beautifully piped chocolate butter icing. It was a thing of great beauty. That was the plan. Today was going to be a bit of food porn photography. I admit this is not my sphere of expertise however I am pretty sure that such a cake is much easier and much more attractive to photograph before it has been eaten. But it wasn't to be. My husband ate it. Crumbs.
And this is one of those rare moments where I could have had the cake and my husband could have eaten it. But here's the thing. It is foolish to assume others can read your mind. It is an especially foolish strategy when it involves a single cupcake sitting invitingly in the front of the fridge. I so should have put it in the vegetable crisper - no-one in my family would ever think to look for anything delicious not nutritious there. So I have seen the light - literally. With no cake you get a close up of a floor lamp. Yum (not).

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