Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9. Day 129. Caught in the act

This wasn't going to be today's photo. I'd chosen something else. Edited it. Uploaded it and written a post.  I was just about to hit publish when I realised it was unnaturally quiet, the kind of quiet that tells a parent that a little one MUST be up to no good. So I went to investigate and there it was. Caught red handed (or brown pawed as it happens).
Would you look at those big, brown innocent eyes? What? Me? No....
Funny isn't it? If any of the humans in the household decided they wanted to redecorate the hall with shredded toilet paper the response would be less than favourable.
But the big, black ball of fur can get away with murder. I mean, how could that face be guilty of anything except criminal cuteness? Rumple, you are a devil but I love you. And now you have discovered where the toilet paper is, perhaps you could use it to clean up your  own mess.


  1. Now oddly, this is what I can guarantee my three children are up to any time there's silence... Miller (our cocker spaniel) has fortunately never copied. But yes, at least one day the three will clean their own bums!

  2. That is cracking! You so rarely post a personal, family photograph that this is a pleasure to see :-)

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  3. Aww that is just so adorable

  4. hee hee reminds me of when my two have pulled toilet paper half way around the hall way!!! cute x

  5. Oh no! What a cute dog though


  6. Looks like he had fun there!!

  7. Too funny, and he doesn't look ashamed at all!